Lycopodium clavatum

(Club Moss)

This is one of the most fundamental, often used remedies—classed with Sulphur and Calcarea and used in a triad regimen. Mental picture is pronounced and characterized by feelings of inferiority and lack of self-esteem (this may manifest as either shyness or egotism and bragging); lack of self-control—craveing sweets and things that are not good for them is another hallmark. Large remedy, usually with pages and pages in remedy guides—check it out! The list of uses is long and important!!

(Chronic Anxiety-Based Disorders) This is a picture of anxiety created by a deep sense of inadequacy that is being covered by pretending to be capable and competent. A lot of mental stress develops and they become self-conscious and intimidated around people they perceive as more powerful or more competent than they consider themselves. There is always a deep sense of anxiety and feelings of failure at the beginning of any task or project; they usually do well once the project is underway. If the problem becomes more serious, there will be a breakdown under stress, bullying tendencies, irritability, claustrophobia, and­—eventually—just wanting to be left alone. This is a psoric remedy but its picture is of a very deep version of this miasm.

(ADHD and Learning and Behavioral Disorders) When under stress, these children experience periods of time when thoughts vanish and concentration is nearly impossible. They have difficulty with reading comprehension and difficulty expressing their thoughts in writing. School work is frustrating to them because they misplace words, use the wrong words, or spell words wrongly by omitting letters or syllables. Emotionally, Lycopodium displays a contradictory nature. The child lacks confidence so is sometimes shy, submissive, and melancholic; at other times they compensate by being dictatorial and self-righteous—demanding that everyone do everything their way all the time.

KEYNOTE: Symptoms begin on the right side and then move to the left and are worse from 4 to 8 pm.

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