(Grease of Horses)

This remedy is often used to counteract the negative effects of vaccinations (this use has an interesting history! There is a short synopsis of some of these statistic below.) Skin symptoms include red spots on legs; impetigo covering back of head and extending down the back to the buttocks; dry, scaly skin that cracks on hands and feet in cold weather or from immersion in water; slow suppuration, never ending as one heals another always appears. Other symptoms include dizziness and dullness of mind; dread of any mental exertion; lack of concentration; frontal and occipital headache; pains in limbs and joints; dreams of quarrels and troubles with other people.

These symptoms can often be tracked as starting shortly after a vaccination. Interesting history of use during smallpox epidemics and to counteract the effects of smallpox vaccines. When Malandrinum was given along with the vaccine, no scar occurred (a scar indicates that the vaccine ‘took’), but neither did any one using the Maladrinum with the vaccine contract smallpox. Interesting statistics!! Hopefully we will never meet smallpox, but remember this one for other vaccinations. Very deep acting remedy even in low potency; not meant to be repeated at close intervals.

(Vaccinosis) Modifies many of the side effects of vaccinations, especially the small pox vaccine. May prevent reactions if given immediately after vaccination. Some symptoms include dry rough skin, beginning shortly after the vaccination and possibly remaining with the person for years. Others symptoms include headache, dizziness, confusion, lassitude following a vaccination.

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