(Gonorrhea Nosode)

(Violence Disorder (and Post Traumatic Stress)) Medorrhinum children are sometimes aggressive—kicking and striking parents or other children, but this remedy is one of many contradictions. Sometimes Medorrhinum children are pale, almost sickly and appear sensitive and withdrawn when they are not in a violent and aggressive mode. There is often excessive attachment to animals, with the inner rage erupting into violence toward their well- loved pets.

(ADHD and Learning and Behavioral Disorders) In this case the child may express violent or aggressive tendencies. He may have a strong passionate nature, with temper outbursts, or fights with other children. He may have strong attachments to animals, or be alternatively, cruel to them. He may also be sensitive and withdrawn from parents, siblings and the world in general.

(Heart) This is the surprise heart attack remedy because patients show few if any symptoms before the actual heart attack occurs. Consider giving as a preventative to people with a history of heart attacks in their close family background or angina (chest pain) beginning when quite young.

(Pregnancy, Childbirth and Infant Care) This remedy is nearly always indicated if there is any history of sexually transmitted diseases, or herpes of any type. Other issues treated by Med are chronic sinusitis, vaginitis, or cystitis—with vaginal discharges having a fishy odor, and infertility.
This remedy is the #1 nosode for the sycosis miasm identified by Hahnemann and considered basic to all homeopathic treatment. The emotional symptoms are many, distinctive, and quite deep. Some of them are difficulty concentrating, panic attacks with fear in the dark and fear that someone is behind her, and despair of recovery or returning to a normal state after childbirth.
In infants, the keynote symptom of Med is chronic diaper rash. A distinctive aspect of this remedy is that the infant sleeps in a knee-chest position with the knees drawn up under the body and the baby has thrown off any covers.

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