Mercurius solublis

(Mercury Vivus)

This a polycrest remedy for use with shingles Remember the symptoms by thinking of human thermometers—sensitive to heat and cold. Mercurius should be considered whenever the patient is worse for both hot and cold. #1 anti-syphilitic remedy according to Hahnemann.

(ADHD and Learning and Behavioral Disorders) Mercurius solublis is an extreme remedy and indicates a personality that is in fairly serious trouble. These children really dislike the school environment because they feel completely suppressed and closed in by authority. They consider any person in authority to be the enemy, but they are themselves often dictatorial with other children and with their younger siblings.

Like the mercury from which it is made, these children are as changeable as the weather. They are extremely restless and act in a hurry, without thinking things through. Sometimes, on the other hand, they have been in so much trouble with authority that, although still moving a million miles an hour inside, their actual movements are extremely slow and careful. They may even avoid other people and seclude themselves from social situations.

Mercurius children are often very talented and highly intelligent. It is not unusual for them to skip a grade, or be leaders among their peers. There is a deep conflict between desire for law and order and almost violent impulses to do something to upset the status quo. These patterns are considered behavioral disorders but do not usually come under the heading of ADHD.

GENERALS: Inherited weakness in vitality. Inherited weakness in vitality. Over 60 listed factors that aggravate, only 8 that improve. Affects lymphatic system (all membranes, glands), internal organs, bones, tissues, blood, etc.; Affects profoundly the reproductive organs of both sexes; Indicated for cases of trembling, especially in the hands, Parkinson’s Disease.

MENTALS: Intense emotions held in as impulses (scream, to poke, tickle, jab, injure oneself on seeing knives, etc.; Irresolution, constantly changing ones mind; Poor self-confidence; Loss of will power; Weak memory, forgetful; Feeling of being dominated by dictatorial authority; Need to escape; Weary of life; indifferent to everything (in extreme cases) Overall syphilitic dominance (situation is beyond repair and must be drastically altered or destroyed).

MODALITIES: Better from moderate temperature; sensitive to both hot and cold—made worse by both heat and cold; Better from rest; Worse at night and from heat and cold. Cloudy, damp weather. Drafts. Wet feet. Touching anything cold. Warmth of bed. Rainy weather. Glare of light.

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