Morpho peleides

(The Blue Morpho)

The Blue Morpho butterfly is the loveliest butterfly in all the world, in my opinion. The top side of its wings are an amazing iridescent blue, while the underside is a dull brown. The blue color is created by light diffracting off millions of miniscule scales. When the wings are fluttered rapidly the color flashes, warning of predators. The brown underside is also a defensive strategy, acting as camouflage when set against the dead leaves of trees. When the Morpho is in flight, the contrast between the flashing blue color and the dull brown makes it seem that the butterfly appears and then disappears.

RESPONSIBILITY/ABANDONMENT: Lack of responsibility shows more clearly in this remedy than in most of the other butterfly remedies. In adults, responsibility issues show up as a casual attitude toward their children and the responsibilities of parenthood. This pattern can become generational in the sense that the children of irresponsible parents often become irresponsible themselves or, conversely, display various issues of abandonment.

SENSATIONS: An interesting note is the “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” aspect seen in the provings of this butterfly—provers say that even things that aren’t really attractive look good, or at least better to them; beauty is found everywhere in the provings; dual aspect in both physical and emotional symptoms—a reflection of the physical appearance of this butterfly, bright and flashing on one side, but dull on the other.

SENSITIVITIES: opposite patterns of feeling that they are known, even liked, followed by the feeling that they have “disappeared” as far as others around them are concerned (see first paragraph, this remedy, above).

EMOTIONAL/ABANDONMENT: All provers experienced a sense of well-being followed by a let-down feeling that included feelings of abandonment; strong interest in pretty clothes and in dressing up.

PHYSICAL: A unique shimmering light effect in the eyes—in my experience this ‘light show’ precedes a headache of migraine proportions accompanied by the feeling that one is descending into darkness and obscurity; hyperactivity (as with all butterflies); dermatitis.

COMMENTS: LeRoux tells an interesting story of all the provers, who did not know what remedy they had taken, turning up the next day wearing blue.

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