Myrica cerifera


Tenacious mucous in the throat; used for combined liver and heart disorders; feelings of fullness in the organs of the abdomen; desire for sour things and acids; pain and stiffness in nape of neck; pulse is slow, feeble, irregular; better from open air, eating, breakfast; worse from warmth of bed, worse after sleep; drowsiness but insomnia when it comes time to sleep; weakness; muscular soreness; aching in limbs; sharp pains around the heart with increased, audible pulsations, but slow pulse.

Myrica cerifera is indicated for carcinoma of the liver from chronic hepatitis and for metastasis into the liver from prostatic carcinoma.

KEYNOTE: Insomnia; jaundice; gloomy; despondent; irritable; indifferent; dull heavy aching in temples and forehead on waking in the morning.

SANKARAN MENTALS: Similar to Cannabis sativa: not allowed to move; no space to move or escape the mounting pressure; will be attacked with no place to go.

MIASM: Malaria, Acute

COMPARISONS: Chelidonium majus, Leptandra virginica, Kali bichromicum,Hydrastis canadensis, Digitalis purpurea

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