Naja tripudians

(Cobra Venom)

Naja is not a hemorrhagic or septic remedy in the same way that other snake remedies are. The disorganization of the blood is often the result of a septic or infectious state rather than the cause of it. Naja is said to relieve the terrible pains of cancer; consider the Euphorbiums in conjunction for this.
Although the cobra is one of the most poisonous snakes in the world, the left-sideness of the symptom picture reflects its centuries of contact with humans.

HEART: Damage to the heart after infectious disease; inflammation of the inner layer of the heart usually involving the valves and sometimes turning septic; heart is enlarged; heart lesions; low blood pressure; visible palpitations; palpitations cause choking and prevent speech; nervous excitement with resulting heart disorders; sharp pain in region of heart extending to neck, left shoulder and arm accompanied by anxiety and fear of death; heart symptoms with pain in forehead and temples; i rregular and heart beat that is slow, weak, and tremulous; in females, pain in groin, abdomen, or left ovary moves up into the heart; chest pain is worse when breathing in; tenderness over sternum and in throat.

BLOOD/HEMORRHAGIC: Except for the spitting of thin blood from the lungs that shows no tendency to coagulate, there are no marked hemorrhagic symptoms with this remedy.

KIDNEYS: Pressure in bladder; urine is dark colored and full of red sediment, gravel, stones, and mucous.

LUNGS: Difficult breathing that is labored; slow, shallow breathing; suffocative spells when sleeping; dry or empty feeling in left lung; spitting of blood which shows no sign of coagulating; irritating dry cough; dry, hacking cough with spitting of blood; inability to cough because of the pain that it causes.

PHYSICAL/GENERAL: Headache pain in left temple and on left side of the head; severe headache with intense depression; feeling as if the head has taken a blow from behind; sleepiness and weakness in the evening; long, vivid, and disturbing dreams; flushes of heat in face, worse on he left side; vertigo followed by astounding pain in right side of head.

MENTALS: Nervous, excited and tremulous; brooding, usually over imaginary troubles and diseases; feels the anguish of others personally; fear of death, disease, accidents, misfortune and fear of rain; aversion to talking; often feels that everything has gone wrong and cannot be fixed; ailments from grief; feels he is a failure, has neglected his duty; feels that he has been injured by others.

MODALITIES: Very sensitive to cold; better from being in the open air (common among snake remedies); worse from stimulants and alcohol; great relief from pain and labored breathing by lying on the right side with all symptoms worsening from lying on the left side; many symptoms are worse in the week before menses begins; headache worse about 3 pm.

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