Natrum carbonicum

(sodium carbonate)

Robin Murphy, in his Matria Medica, points out that the common practice of taking sodium bicarbonate for indigestion and heartburn is founded on a true relationship between these two elements (Natrum, which is sodium and Carbonicun even though it is the carbonate and not the bicarbonate form). As can be seen below, this remedy has two very distinct and opposing mental/emotional symptom pictures either of which can wreck great havoc on the person’s family life and relationships.

MENTALSAll Natrum remedies have an element of grief in their symptom picture just as all carbonicum remedies display more than a bit of self-pity. The combining of these two mental/emotional patterns can be profound sadness and depression. A person caught in this pattern may be overwhelmed by grief. The flip side of this very negative and destructive pattern is found in those persons who become pathologically cheerful, sacrificing their own feelings to make others feel better. It should be remembered by those around a Nat carb person that the debilitating sadness is there deep inside. Outstanding keynote is not wanting to bother other people and being very self-conscious. Another keynote pattern seen with this remedy is wanting more from their own mother than her mother is either willing or able to give or, worse yet, feeling that however, much her mother does it is never enough.

CONDITIONS: Weak ankles; easy dislocation and spraining of ankles; backache; indigestion; colic with belching; diarrhea; food allergies with allergies to milk being outstanding; tendency to stammer; headaches with violent and sharp pains; sensitivity to noise and to music with music of any kind often bringing on seriously depressive, sometimes suicidal, feelings; photo-phobia; aversion to certain types of people;

COMMENTS AND INDICATIONS: This is a great remedy for persons who do not absorb nutrients properly if either the depressed or up-beat mental and emotional symptoms also are being displayed. In children who would benefit from this remedy, there is a characteristic blueness around the eyes.