Natrum muriaticum

(Sodium Chloride)

(Chronic Anxiety-Based Disorders) The anxiety disorder is brought about by a conflict between a desire to be of service and help others, and an inherent shyness and awkwardness in social situations. Easily hurt or offended, bears grudges, and dwells on unhappy feelings. Anxiety is worse at night, is accompanied by fear of being alone, but consolation or mention of their fear annoys them. Migraines late at night and insomnia are common. (Alzheimer’s miasm)

(Anorexia) This is the most often indicated remedy for anorexia, as well as for head injuries. There is a lot of guilt, fear of being rejected, hurt feelings, self consciousness, perfectionism, and a driving fear of being fat. Natrum mur is a remedy that is often used for head injuries, which is interesting. Alzheimer’s miasm because it is moving toward destruction.
(Pica) Keynotes are a craving for salt and an aversion to bread and anything fatty. Usually poorly nourished and emaciated, even when eating fairly well. The skin of the face has an oily feel.

(Grief) People who have never been the same since (NSS) a grief or a series of griefs and disappointments. An “Eyeore” quality to the grief—its not so bad but will probably never be any better.

(Suicidal Depression) Natrum muriaticum is very similar to Natrum sulphuricum. The depression often comes after grief from divorce or the death of a loved one. People who will benefit from Natrum muriaticum may contemplate suicide. More often, however, they will hold grudges and dwell on past unhappy memories. They cannot cry in front of others and do not like to be consoled. They are quite likely to develop a chronic physical problem as a result of their grief. Compare: Causticum and Phosphoricum acidum.

(ADHD and Learning and Behavioral Disorders) A child who would benefit from this remedy is usually a loner, indifferent to other children, and actually seems to enjoy being alone. Quiet and melancholic with a dislike of answering questions and being made to talk and play with other children. She cries easily but wants to be left alone rather than consoled. Often there is delayed development and smallness for their age. Displays anxiety and agitation alternately with indifference. The child is usually quite adept at academic skills but reacts poorly to criticism and instructions about how to accomplish a task. Reaction to criticism is anger, followed by poor memory and muddled thought patterns. A keynote is anger at self when even the slightest mistake is made.

(CFS) Chronic fatigue which has developed in individuals who are very driven emotionally to achieve success in their profession. There are grief issues—either a serious loss or two or a series of repetitive small losses. These people drive themselves at top speed and then crash. At any sign of recovery or with the slightest improvement in energy levels, they are off and running until they have exhausted themselves again.

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