Natrum sulphuricum

(Sodium Sulphate)

This is one of the most desperate and scary of the homeopathic remedies. It is often indicated after head injuries. Relationship problems and the absence of joy that are characteristic of sulphur combine with the gloom and depression of natrum to form a very deep pathology. Irritability and estrangement from family decline into suicidal impulses. The materia medica description includes having to use self-control to keep from shooting oneself. The childishness and irresponsibility of stage 1 combined with stage 16 negative patterns is alarming! A lot of bi-polar attributes as a result.

MENTALS: Confusion after head injuries; Suicidal longings; won’t usually commit suicide because of how it would affect their family; Serious, overly responsible; Sensitive to music.

GENERALS: Asthma—worse early mornings; Liver and gallbladder disorders; Headache after head injury; Craves yogurt, fish, ice, sweets, chocolate; Eyes are unusually sensitive to light; Worse for warmth and humidity; Worse for damp weather.

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