Nitricum acidum

(Nitric Acid)

Acids are always implicated in fatigue no matter what the other part of the remedy is. When combined with the nitricum theme, the fatigue often manifests as anxiety, fear, and the holding on to grudges for long periods of time.

(Pica) Desires lime, slate, pencils, papers, charcoal, fats, and salt. There will be cracks at the corners of the mouth and fissures at the anus with strong smelling urine and frequent diarrhea. Emotionally head-strong, irritable, vindicative, and fearful with a great sensitivity to noise and light.

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(Diptheria) The two outstanding keynotes of Nitricum acidum in diphtheria are 1) nausea and the vomiting of all food, and 2) a grayish membrane in the nose along with the throat symptoms. The nose also fills with sores that are quite painful. The pulse is intermittent and the throat is so sore and painful that swallowing is difficult.

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