Nux vomica

(Poison Nut)

This is an antidote for nearly all remedies!!! Cannot bear noises, odors, light, touch, music; impatient when spoken to, gets angry and violent without any provocation; stomach pains, worse for anger; cramping or sharp pains in abdomen; constipation with constant urging; cystitis with constant urging; back pain, worse at night in bed; insomnia, wakes between 3-4 am and cannot sleep due to worry about work or how to get tasks accomplished; craves stimulants but is worse for them.

(Pica) Cravings for charcoal, chalk, fats, spicy foods, and pepper. Usually the person is thin and chilly with a nervous disposition that includes great sensitivity to noise, odors, lights, and music. The person needing this remedy is characteristically quick, active, impatient, irritable, spiteful, and even violent.

(ADHD and Learning and Behavioral Disorders) These children are competitive and independent. They have a desire for freedom so that they can move forward on their own agendas and personal goals (and they always have agendas and goals!) They are optimistic, sometimes unrealistically so, about their goals and feel great satisfaction at their own accomplishments. These children are always on the move, must have everything in order, and are irritable if anyone else’s disorganization slows them down in the slightest degree. They are not patient, ever, and they crave stimulants. The Nux child tends to have had colic and stomach problems since birth.

Nux vomica balances and detoxifies the liver and other digestive organs and is a remedy for adrenal stress. Adrenal fatigue leads to the opposite set of symptoms which out of balance Nux people show as they get older—a pattern of extreme fatigue, often chronic fatigue syndrome. They have simply worn themselves out. Like the nut from which this remedy is made, Nux people have a hard outer shell but are sensitive, passionate, and compassionate on the inside, most particularly with people closest to them.

(CFS) Nux has a very definite remedy picture and is easily recognized by homeopaths and the people who live with this type of personality. Nux vomica is the typical Type A personality who consistently runs faster than he has strength and is competitive, ambitious, and impatient with the normal pace of life. These are strongly aggressive personalities. Nux Vomica is excellent for alleviating collapsed states and will also help temper the personality to avoid the excesses that led to the collapse in the first place.

KEYNOTE: The popular concept of “type A personality” describes the Nux vomica personality. Impatient; competitive; ambitious; successful; focused on work; argumentative; irritable; easily offended; workaholic; compulsive; weight and pain in stomach; sour taste and nausea in the morning; better after a nap constipation; worse if sleep is disturbed; cramps and spasms of limbs.

SANKARAN MENTALS: Shattered and torn to pieces; must make rapid and immediate efforts to recover. These efforts will be zealous and fiery. Underlying feeling that someone has occupied his space or comfortable place.

MIASM: Typhoid

COMPARISONS: In Murphy’s Materia Medica there is a list of comparisons half a column long—simply too many too list effectively here. There are a lot of variations on the type A personality and a multitude of remedies that fit them specifically. Many of these comparison remedies seem to fit the cancer miasm.

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