Nymphalis urticae

(The Small Tortoiseshell)

This butterfly feeds almost exclusively on nettles and their is a link between nettles and the skin rashes of this remedy if only in that the rash always looks like a nettle rash.

RESPONSIBILITY: Dislikes responsibility, would prefer to be a child again; anxiety about skill level or performance.

EMOTIONAL/ABANDONMENT: Strong feelings of well-being and lightness; as always with butterflies, feelings of abandonment; frightened of losing someone close to them.

PHYSICAL: Nettle rash skin eruptions on elbows and knees.

SENSATIONS: Renewed energy—can cope with anything (all butterfly remedies have this trait but it is particularly pronounced with Nymphalis); enjoys brightly colored clothes.

HIDING/PROTECTION: Hates winter, just wants to hibernate Food: fruits and vegetables with love of sugar and fruits—the love of sweets seems less in this remedy.

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