Phosphoricum acidum

(Phosphoric Acid)

(Anorexia) Grief with loss of appetite. The debility of the acids is manifest as great emaciation—literally pining away from grief or lost love. The passage of time, instead of bringing healing, bring instead indifference to all emotions and food—a feeling of total deadness inside.

(Grief) In whatever combination an acid is contained, there will be an association with extreme physical fatigue and flat, listless emotions—feeling dead inside. The person seems more collapsed than grieving and is often slow to answer when spoken to. Serious illness or hopeless situations can also produce these feelings and will often respond well to this treatment.

(CFS) This is a very powerful chronic fatigue remedy. In one remedy we have the phosphorus neurological picture of sympathy and dread and the fatigue of all acids. This produces a remedy of great potency for emotional burnout, especially when tied to the needs of family and friends. One keynote of this remedy is the intense craving for chocolate. There is often expressed a fear of running out of chocolate. (Chocolate contains phosphorus. Is there a connection?)

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