Physostigma venenosum

(Calabar Bean)

Spinal irritation; cramping sensation up and down spine; sharp shooting pains in the ears; food has a flat taste, nothing satisfies; sore feeling in area of kidneys; bladder feels distended; irresistible desire to sleep; cold, clammy skin; hands feel cold and dirty, vertigo, especially while going up stairs.

KEYNOTE: Used in endometrial cancer; loss of muscular power; weakness; headache, cannot bear to raise eyelids; fluttering of heart felt in the throat; contraction of pupils; myopia.

SANKARAN MENTALS: Stretched beyond one’s capacity to hold things together. This is demonstrated by the feeling that there are too many possessions or things in the room, and constantly trying to create order from the perceived chaos by moving things around or throwing them out.

MIASM: Cancer miasm

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