Phytolacca decandra

(Poke Root)

This remedy acts on the glandular system with a particular affinity for breast tissue and the glands of women and is specific for breast cancer and cancer of the uterus and rectum. Phytolacca is specific, both in herbal form and homeopathically, for mastitis. In addition, Phytolacca decandra has a powerful effect on the throat, muscles of back and neck, all fibrous tissue, tendons and joints (tendonitis) and the digestive tract. Phytolacca is indicated for certain types of dental pain associated with clenching the teeth;

(Mumps) The indications for Phytolacca are swelling that is worse on the right side that extends to the region below the jaw (submaxillary region) and not just in the parotid. The glands will be rock hard with shooting pains on swallowing. There will also be an abnormal amount of swelling in the neck.

KEYNOTE: Cannot endure pain, it is simply intolerable; worse damp cold weather; (compare to Mercurius solublis) Never forget this one for nursing mothers with mastitis.

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