Pix liquida

(Pine Tar)

Pine-tar has always been considered a stimulating expectorant for use in chronic bronchitis and tuberculosis; acts on the mucous membranes; alopecia; constant vomiting of black fluid with great pain in the stomach; cracked skin which itches intolerably and bleeds when scratched; sleeplessness because of the itching; eruptions on the back of the hands; often cures the bed-wetting of children; psoriasis and scaly eczema.

KEYNOTE: Chest pain; stomach pain, itching; vomiting; spitting up of sputum from the lungs that has an offensive odor and taste; constant vomiting of black fluids with pain in the stomach.

SANKARAN MENTALS: Feeling held back and oppressed because he is more fragile and brittle than others.

MIASM: Tubercular

COMPARISONS: Terebinthiniae oleum, Pinus sylvestris, Kreosotum, Myrica cerifera, Theridion currassavicum

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