Pulsatilla nigricans

(Wind Flower)

This is the same plant and remedy that Sankaran refers to as pratensis. This remedy is useful both as constitutional and an acute. Need is often indicated by a few keynotes, the chief among these and the most confusing is the “changeableness” of the symptoms. All symptoms build to a pitch and then suddenly subside. The symptoms may begin on one side of the body but then move to the other side. There may be no symptoms at all when a person first goes to bed but symptoms quickly develop on whichever side is lain on. Movement brings only temporary relief as the symptoms begin again on the side that is now being lain on. Pulsatilla nigricans people (constitutional or acute) tend to inward suffering and silent resentments, but feel better for whining or being sympathized with; predominantly a female remedy; particularly useful for tearful, clingy, whiny infants and children.

KEYNOTES: Symptoms are many and varied, as is fitting for “wind flower” people; a polycrest remedy and well worth studying in detail. Other keynote symptoms are irritable, “touchy”, fear of animals—even domesticated animals. In men, there is often fantasies that they are heroic, but their true feeling is that they really aren’t acceptable as a man.

SANKARAN MENTALS: Avoids situations that cause vexation or anxiety. Intense need to be alone.

MIASM: Sycosis

COMPARISONS: Kali bichromicum, Kali sulphuricum, Sulphur

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