Ranunculus bulbosus


Muscular pain along the lower margin of the shoulder blade; various kinds of pain and soreness in the chest; intercostal arthritis; herpatic eruptions; cold air brings on many of the ailments; there is oppressed breathing with a great desire to draw a deep breath; pains in stomach; nausea in afternoon or evening, sometimes accompanied by headache. Ranunculus, like shingles, is a remedy that has often proven helpful with shingles.

KEYNOTES: Anger alternating with discontentment; neuralgias; shingles; burning and intense itching.

SANKARAN MENTALS: Feels vexed and quarrelsome, letting these feelings occupy his mind for days. Eventually, since he doesn’t want to be that way all the time, just settles into feeling discontented. These two states alternate in his life or until the pattern is dealt with and eliminated.

MIASM: Malaria

COMPARISONS: Sulphur, Staphysagria, alcohol, wine, vinegar—antidotes this remedy

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