Rhus radicans

(Climbing Poison Ivy)

There is much dispute about rather there is a substantial difference between Rhus radicans and Rhus toxicodendron. Note the slight differences that Sankaran points out between the mentals of each remedy as they relate to the miasms of malaria and typhoid.

AILMENTS: From straining a single part, muscle or tendon. Backaches and stiffness of back and neck. Eruptions on skin. Neuralgic pains. Intermittent fevers.

KEYNOTES: Inflammation of the joints with wandering pains and stiffness.

SANKARAN MENTALS: According to Sankaran: Caught in a tight spot where there is a feeling of being attacked. These feelings are not constant but occur from time to time, intermittently.

MIASM: Malaria

COMPARISONS: Rhus toxicodendron

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