Rhus toxicodendron

(Poison Oak)

One of the most important polycrests. Often remembered only as an arthritis remedy, Rhus tox also covers many mental disorders and deep pathologies of the nervous system and spine, the heart and almost all other organ systems!! Low back pain and sciatica, usually worse for stillness, which causes stiffness. It is interesting to note that the people suffering the physical symptoms of arthritis, back pain and sciatica often do not show the typical mental picture of anxiety and restlessness because movement is so painful. They feel it, however. Consider this remedy for shingles, chicken pox, connective tissue disease, eczema, impetigo, Parkinsons’s disease; ailments brought on or worsened by financial loss.

(Mumps) With this remedy the swelling is abnormally huge and the glands beneath the jaw become highly involved. There is often painful stiffness in the joints, especially in the neck.

(Chicken Pox) This is the most common remedy for chicken pox. Rhus toxicodendron is for the relief of intense itching and extreme restlessness, especially at night. If Rhus fails, try Urtica urens.

(Polio) The paralysis of Rhus tox comes on gradually, with the early attacks following over-work or exposure to dampness. The stiffness centers in the joints but there will be tearing pains in the tendons, ligaments, and tissues. The back, neck, and sacrum are also often involved. The pain and stiffness is usually a little better for motion.

(Lyme Disease) The rash of Rhus tox progresses rapidly to a leaky stage and the sores fill with pus which scabs over. The fever is accompanied with chills. The joint pain and swelling is better for movement—unlike Arsenicum—but stiffness sets in when sitting or lying still. This is especially true of the pain in the lower back. Headaches usually center in the back of the head and are accompanied by stiffness in the neck.

(Arboviral Encephalitis) Rhus toxicodendron has a large and varied symptom picture. Some keynotes, as they relate to flu-like symptoms and encephalitis, are dullness of mind, mild delirium, incoherent speech, forgetfulness of both recent events and names, and inability to hold the mind on one subject. There is almost always an anxious sureness that some terrible thing is about to happen to themselves or someone close to them. Physically there is pain in the ascending colon and soreness around the navel. There is a feeling of a lump in the abdomen. Vertigo often accompanies the other symptoms.

KEYNOTES: Always considered for injuries and sprains, particularly to joints.

SANKARAN MENTALS: Stuck in a bad situation; must escape immediately before it gets more dangerous.

MIASM: Typhoid

COMPARISONS: Ruta graveolens—Rhus tox is more general and commonly used than Ruta graveolens.

FIRST AID CONDITIONS: Sprains; strains; injuries to ligaments; bruises; sciatica; stiff muscles or joints; swollen glands; cold sores; fever blisters; hives; poison ivy or poison oak rashes—any itchy rash with vesicles.

FIRST AID COMMENTS AND INDICATION: This is a remedy for the straining of muscles and tendons and for dislocated joints. It is good for lameness after a sprain, especially in the wrists or ankles. Rhus tox pains are aggravated by initial motion, but better upon continuing the activity. Like Arnica, Rhus is a remedy for physical strain that as come about by overdoing some activity.

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