Sabina officinalis


Fibroids with pain from the sacrum to the pubis; desires peace and quiet; in childbirth, retained placenta with intense pain; arthritic pain in joints; dry hacking cough with tickling in the trachea; sensation and dreams of falling; hemorrhages during menopause; hot flashes.

KEYNOTES: Dysmenorrhea; excessive menstruation; hemorrhages; miscarriages; warts; music is intolerable.

SANKARAN MENTALS: In control of the situation and of self even when broken or disconnected.

MIASM: Cancer

COMPARISONS: Calcarea carbonica, Trillium pendulum, Ipomea purpurea, Millefolium achillea, Thuja occidentalis, Sepia succus, Hamamelis virginiana, Nitricum acidum, Caulophyllum thalictroides, Cantharis to promote expulsion of foreign bodies from the uterus, Secale cornutum, Platinum metallicum for dark hemorrhage, Sabina officinalis for bright red hemorrhage, Belladonna, Rhus toxicodendron, Spongia tosta

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