Sarsaparilla officinalis

(Wild Licorice)

Despondent, gloomy without any cause; sensitive, easily offended; urine passes in thin feeble stream; pain at conclusion of urination; pains from occiput to eyes; pains cause depression; offensive breath.

(Vaccinosis) Itchy eruptions on the skin, especially the face, following vaccinations. Despondent and gloomy without any apparent cause unrelated to the vaccination just experienced. Kidney disorders, including kidney stones. Sarsaparilla purifies the blood.

KEYNOTES: Dwells on past bad occurrences and recalls old grievances; blood disorders; cystitis; kidney stones; itching and eruption on forehead; skin lies in folds as if the person is emaciated; dry itchy rash that comes on in the spring.

SANKARAN MENTALS: Feels excluded and is trying hard to come in and be included; resents being excluded.

MIASM: Ringworm

COMPARISONS: Berberis aquifolium, Lycopodium clavatum, Natrum muriaticum, Sassafras officinalis

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