Sepia succus

(Cuttlefish Ink)

Sepia is one of the top 10 polycrest remedies; counting just women it is among the top 3 remedies. Most women will show symptoms, and would be benefitted by this remedy at some time in their lives.

(Anorexia) Sepia is a complementary remedy to Pulsatilla nigricans. The anorexia of sepia often has a hormonal base. There is usually nausea, with a sensitivity to smells, creating a genuine disgust for foods.

(Herpes) Sepia succus is another remedy (like Lachesis) that is indicated when the outbreaks come on just before a menstrual cycle. There should be some of the characteristic signs of Sepia such as heavy feeling in the genital area, laxness of tissues generally, and feelings of being overburdened or bothered by family responsibilities.

(CFS) The picture of Sepia is that of a person mentally and physically worn out, with laxness of tissues and organs. There is irritability with family and a feeling of being just too tired to cope with even one more demand. The liver is sluggish and there is the sensation of something twisting in the stomach and intestines. I have heard it described as a knife twisting in the guts at the slightest movement.

FEMALE: Disturbances in the necessary fluctuations of hormones throughout a lifetime; never well since puberty, childbirth, weaning a baby, taking hormone therapies; hot flashes and other symptoms of menopause; bearing down sensation as if everything is falling down and out; affects circulation, primarily to the female pelvic organs; menses either too early and profuse or too late and scanty; prolapse of the uterus or vaginal wall; tendency to miscarriage from the fifth to seventh; extreme morning sickness; retained placenta; infertility; aversion to sex and low sex drive; acne before menses; hair falls out at menopause; constipation and hemorrhoids during pregnancy.

FOOD: Desires chocolate, sweets, vinegar, acids, and pickles; nausea at the small of thought of food; typical pattern of the food cravings of pregnancy.

PHYSICAL/GENERAL: Feels cold even in a hot room; weakness in the small of the back; weak or prolapsed bladder; bed wetting during first part of the night; yellowish brown discoloration of the nose and cheeks; irregular circulation; congestion of the blood vessels; restlessness in all limbs; limbs go to sleep easily and constantly; liver area sore and painful but relieved when lying on right side; shooting pains in rectum and vagina; prolapsed anus; bleeding gums; black points or spots before the eyes; intolerance of reflected light from bright objects.

HEART: Circulation irregular: wakes with violent beating of the heart and sensation of beating in all arteries; nervous palpitations, especially when lying on left side; congestion of blood vessels; violent intermittent palpitations; palpitations with anxiety; pulse accelerated by motion or being angry.

MENTAL/EMOTIONAL: Feels mentally and physically worn out—displays as indifference and disconnectedness; demands of family viewed as burdens and are met with irritability and anger followed by feelings of guilt; tearfulness; depression; weeping, worse when talking or trying to explain feelings and symptoms; aversion to both sympathy and company when depressed or discouraged; postpartum depression; loss of sex drive; sensitive; easily offended; doesn’t take criticism or contradiction well at all; anger and irritability first thing in the morning; especially sensitive to noises, especially music playing in the background.

MODALITIES: Symptoms worse when tired or working too hard (motherhood?); better from exercise or vigorous motion; better after some sleep; better from warm bed or warm applications; better from cold drinks; better sitting with legs crossed; better when sleeping with legs pulled up; worse from cold air or dampness; worse before thunderstorms; worse in the morning; worse in the evening with a “second wind” of energy or strength late at night; worse after sex; worse from being touched or rubbed absentmindedly.

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