This is a remedy for those who have suffered abuse or damaging domination by others in the past. In fact, ailments are usually brought on by the suppressing of emotions as a result of these experiences. As indicated below, sensitivity is so great that the person often reacts, in the present day, to imagined rather than real slights and humiliation. An important keynote is that the person is sleepy all day but sleepless at night. Unfortunately, an afternoon nap always makes symptoms worse. This remedy is often helpful for nausea of pregnancy as well as nausea when traveling.

MENTALS Typically sweet and compliant but is suppressing a lot of anger or grief over real, or only perceived, humiliations and insults. A remedy useful to abused spouses or the children ov domineering parents. This remedy can help them take responsibility for their lives and situation which, in turn, improves their opinion and care of themselves. The person will have, at one time or another, became speechless from rage and then given in to a fit of rage in which he or she gave in to a desire to throw things. As a result, there is a great fear of losing control, and views any loss of control as absolutely horrific!

CONDITIONS: Bites or stings that stay painful long after healing should have occurred; cuts and wounds to nerve-rich areas with excessive pain; eye injuries; motion sickness; recurrent styes; sciatica; long-standing pain after surgery; backaches that is worse in the morning before even getting out of bed; constipation; tendency to tooth decay with teeth turning black and crumbly; sore throat with sharp pain moving to the ear (left-sided)

COMMENTS AND INDICATIONS: When feeling depressed, guilty, or sad, the person often turns to food but then feels guilty for eating too much or having binges on sweets. When this pattern is present, Staphasagria become a logical choice and an excellent remedy for Bulimia. In the same manner, as this negative pattern with food, the person is often overly nice, hiding their anger and then, later, hating themselves for not having spoken up or defended themselves. This anger at self sometimes (often) leads to self-abuse of some kind.