(Jimson Weed)

This is a remedy of the mind, and symptoms are driven by the mind; includes references to raving mania, manic depression, paranoia, schizophrenia, terrifying hallucinations, night terrors, religious insanity, deliriums with a desire to escape, and terror

(Violence Disorder (and Post Traumatic Stress)) This is the first remedy considered when violence and extreme fear of violence are seen in a child. Stramonium children act out violently to keep the perceived and feared threat at a distance. Their attitude is one of, “I’ll be so mean and tough that no one will ever dare mess with me.” The extreme inner terror can lead to wild rages, and even homicidal impulses. The rage is impulsive (an outburst), and not the cold, planned variety. There is usually an extreme fear of the dark, of being alone, of violence, or of death which accompanies these tendencies. Stuttering, stammering, epilepsy, attention deficit disorders, and sleep disorders are common symptoms. Often, there is clustering together into gangs.

(ADHD and Learning and Behavioral Disorders) With stramonium, the mind is very active and the speech is rapid, usually with a lot of gesturing. There is often great anger (rage) and violent behavior (see Violence Disorder information given previously). The violence is the result of fear and they will explain it with phrases such as, “They started it,” or “They were about to hit me,” or even, “They were looking at me funny.” It is as if they must keep threats away by striking first or being so mean and tough that no one dares mess with them. The anger, and most other actions, are impulsive. There is not usually a pattern of vindictive revenge or cool planning, just an uncontrolled impulse of the moment. Clustering together into gangs or clubs with other children (for the feeling of protection) is common.

(Arboviral Encephalitis) This remedy, somewhat like Hyoscyamus, shows cerebral/spinal cord damage to a great extent. Symptoms include paranoia, manic depression with rapid changes from joy to extreme sadness. There is a lot of terror, dread of darkness, and desire for light and company. There is no relief even in sleep because sleep is filled with frightful dreams. There will be nausea and vomiting of mucus and green bile accompanied by diarrhea. This remedy antidotes Belladonna, so be careful of taking them as part of the same regimen.

KEYNOTES:Must have light and company; dreads the darkness; anxiety when going through a tunnel; aversion to all fluids; headache from the sun; violent pain in left hip; stammering.

SANKARAN MENTALS: Sudden rage and violence as a result of fright or terror.

MIASM: Acute.

COMPARISONS: Hyoscyamus niger, Belladonna

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