The keynote of Sulphur is complete loss of appetite followed by ravenous appetite. Expresses the feeling that all foods taste too salty and has an aversion to meat. Milk usually seriously disagrees. A sulphur personality is usually willing to drink liquids but eats very little solid food.

(ADHD and Learning and Behavioral Disorders) Sulphur is a remedy for the vaccinosis and Alzheimer’s miasms. This tells you a lot about the symptoms of children needing this remedy. Some keynotes are that they hate to bathe, like to wear their clothes until they are disgustingly worn and dirty, think rules are made to be broken, and want to do everything themselves. They need little sleep, are careless with their possessions, and have no sense of time as far as turning in assignments or showing up where they should be on time. These children hate standing and will always be looking for a place to sit down.

(Detox) Sulphur is a deep psora miasmic remedy. The symptoms always worsen in warm, stuffy rooms and are better for fresh air. Any type of hot flush or symptom as the result of getting over heated will respond to Sulphur. A Sulphur personality is always very intelligent with a mind that questions the why of everything. They are full of ideas, but in an out of balance state, they have difficulty implementing their visions. Sulphur types are often self centered, impatient, irritable, and critical of how others are running their lives. They manage this, somehow, in the face of their own almost total lack of organization and cleanliness. They will frequently tell you how they could do whatever you are doing better than you are doing it.

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