Symphytum officinale


There has been very little “proving work” done on Symphytum so the list of uses is very small. However, it is of such enormous value as a first-aid treatment for injuries to the eye and for broken bones that it should be in everyone’s homeopathic kit. In cases of bone fracture, it is helpful both for pain and for improving the knitting together of the bones.

FIRST AID CONDITIONS: Broken bones; fractures that are slow to heal; bone bruises; wounds; injuries to ligaments, tendons, and periosteum; sprains; phantom pain in amputated limbs; eye injuries

FIRST AID COMMENTS AND INDICATION: This is an herbal remedy that has not be proven extensively by homeopathic researches. (I find this almost impossible to understand.) It is of great value as a first-aid treatment for injuries to the eye, especially for direct blows to the eyeball. Symphytum speeds the healing of broken bones and other injuries.

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