Taraxacum officinale


Impatient and irritable, then talkative, laughing and merry; food tastes sour; gallstones; neuralgia of the knees; profuse night sweats; sleepiness in daytime; nausea with an inclination to vomiting from fatty foods; nausea with headache.

KEYNOTES: Cold fingertips; headaches due to liver disturbances; tongue coated or mapped.

SANKARAN MENTALS: The ringworm miasm alternates between despair with inability, and great activity and struggle against perceived hurt. Taraxacum’s sensation is struggling against injury, hurt and insult. Sometimes able to avoid it, and sometimes just accepting it, but never aggressively fighting back.

MIASM: Ringworm

COMPARISONS: Bryonia alba, Chelidonium majus, Hydrastis canadensis, Lycopodium clavatum, Nux vomica, Arsenicum album

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