Tarentula hispanica


Tarentula is the most proven and best understood of the spider remedies. It is listed in the materia medicas as a possible remedy for multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, and Meniere’s disease. It is also said that Tarentula palliates the agony and pains of the dying process.

(ADHD and Learning and Behavioral Disorders) There is a piece of dance music called The Tarantela, meaning the Tarantula, that is descriptive of this remedy. Tarentula types have a tremendous love of music and dancing. This remedy is indicated when there is over-stimulation of the nervous system. The outstanding characteristic of this remedy is hurry—it is the most hurried of the remedies—and in children this translates, of course, to hyperactivity. The child simply cannot stand to be sitting still and is even annoyed, almost unbearably, by the slowness of those around him. In a few cases there may be cunning and deceit or a destructive desire to break things or tear them up. This is, after all, a spider remedy and may fit that part of the spider picture very clearly.

OVER-STIMULATION: The symptoms of over stimulation in the nervous system are particularly pronounced. Symptoms appear suddenly and often violently. This is the most hurried of all homeopathic remedies.

HEART: Angina pectoris—the heart muscle not getting the blood that it needs due to partial obstruction of the arteries; mitral valve damage; violent palpitations; thumping and trembling sensations in the region of the heart; sensation that the heart is twisting around in the chest or jumping suddenly; heart feels as if it is squeezed or compressed; heart suddenly skips a few beats; oppression in the chest when lying down; when raising the arms, or when lying on left side; pulse is hard, irregular, and infrequent.

LUNGS: Feelings of suffocation, feels they must have fresh air immediately; panting with oppressive feeling in the chest; symptoms worse with coughing.

BLOOD: Profuse menstruation; dark red or purplish coloration of the skin and tissues.

NERVES AND MENTAL: Lacks emotional control; destructive impulses; selfish and demanding; impatient and irritable; sudden fits of throwing things away; discontented; anger and despair at the same time; fits of nervous laughter followed by yelling; anxious and full of fears; erratic moods; obstinate; wildly hyperactive; great sensitivity to music; aversion to bright colors, particularly black, red, yellow, and green.

KIDNEYS: Foul urine with sandy sediment; sensation of constriction and pressure in the bladder; leaking of urine when laughing or coughing; excessive urine with violent pains in the back and even paralysis of the legs; diabetes mellitus; cystitis.

GENERAL: Twitches and jerking motions; restless leg syndrome; numbness in legs; restless sleep; heart and ovarian diseases occurring together; uterine fibroids; eczema; loss of appetite or desire for highly seasoned food; cravings for sand; intense pain in the head as if a thousand needles were pricking the brain; violent crushing headaches; copious perspiration which is worse when excited; chilliness alternating with heat; general feeling of heat but with cold feet; vertigo.

MODALITIES: Better in open air; better from music; mental symptoms are often better right after eating; worse by putting hands in cold water; worse for unrequited love, bad news, scolding, or punishment; unusual reoccurrence of symptoms periodically—yearly and at the same time of the day.

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