Theridion curassavicum

(Orange Spider)

OVER-STIMULATION: Occurs predominantly to the nerves and to the heart. Nerve symptoms are particularly pronounced, with great sensitivity to noise; increased talkativeness; hilarious; hysterical.

HEART: The heart symptoms of Theridion are less severe than those of Latrodectus. They include cardiac pain with anxiety about the heart; sharp pain radiating to the left arm and shoulder. The pulse is slow and there is vertigo, chilliness, and nausea.

LUNGS: The predominant symptom here is difficult breathing or shortness of breath when going up stairs. At rest or when coughing there is a sensation of too much air entering the chest cavity. Coughing cause the body to draw together with the head going forward and down and the knees being drawn upward.

BLOOD: Issues show up as violent burning pain in the region of the liver and stinging pain over the spleen.

NERVES AND MENTAL: Sensitivity to noise, which penetrates the entire body settling into problem areas and seems to resonate in the teeth; easily startled; noise causes chills and nausea; restlessness; taking pleasure in nothing while continually moving from one thing to another; lack of self-confidence; confusion; aversion to work; feels and looks as if dying, but is able to hear and understand what is going on around them; desire to please others but a great desire to live their own lives which often creates tension and stress.

KIDNEYS: Unusual stimulation of the kidneys and bladder during the night with frequent need to urinate but very little passage of urine during daytime hours.

GENERAL: A keynote of Theridion is bone decay and pain; bones feel broken; spine is ultra sensitive to pressure and jarring—the person often sits sideways to avoid pressure on the spine; sensitive areas between the vertebrae; headaches with pain over the root of the nose; itching with stinging and stabbing pains all over the body; internal coldness with the interior of the head feeling hot and congested.

MODALITIES: All symptoms are better from rest in a horizontal position; warmth improves symptoms with warm water improving nausea; worse from touch, pressure, stooping, rising, walking, travel, from noise, with eyes closed, and from going up and down stairs.

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