Tuberculinum bovinum

(Tuberculosis Nosode)

(Self-Mutilation) Part of the tuberculinum picture is deep feelings of being unfulfilled by the life as they are currently living it. This dissatisfaction manifests as restlessness and destructiveness. Contradictory behavior and changing moods are also keynotes of this remedy as well as violent outburst of temper. When in a temper, a Tuberculinum person will pick fights or throw things. It isn’t often that the destructiveness turns on oneself, but if the tuberculosis miasm seems to fit, this is the remedy to reach for.

(ADHD and Learning and Behavioral Disorders) This is one of the principal remedies for hyperactive children. The child is unable to remain long in any one place, can be loud and obnoxious. We often think of this remedy when children are deliberately destructive to other children’s or parent’s things and indifferent to punishment.

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