Urtica urens

(Stinging Nettle)

As you might surmise from the plant this remedy is derived from, it is particularly useful for conditions—internal or external—that exhibit stinging and burning type pains. This remedy is helpful in the passage of accumulated uric acid. Supporting the kidneys and clearing the cells and tissues of uric acid crystals is important to the clearing of hives and itchy patches and to the relieving of pain with burns and bites. Is said to increase milk flow in lactating women.

MENTALS Mental dichotom (opposite states): calm, relaxed, tranquil, peaceful, euphoric, witty or detached but at other times unsympathetic, quarrelsome; irritable at work, separates se;lf from others; fearful, with dreams of panic about survival. Dreams of killing or murder, of being betrayed or estranged. Fear of poverty.

CONDITIONS: burns; bites; stings; sore throat, eczema, hives that may even be a little better for rubbing; itchy blotches of any kind; a potent antidote for allergic reaction to shellfish; gout; rheumatism; recurring fevers including such things as malaria; kidney stones; first degree burns.

COMMENTS AND INDICATIONS: This remedy should always be considered for severe allergic reactions, especially those connected to food. or to stinging nettle itself. One renowned homeopathic reported that this remedy was effective in treating an enlarged spleen