Ustilago maydis

(Corn Smut)

(Pregnancy, Childbirth and Infant Care) Labor: Cervix is soft and pliable but contractions are insufficient to cause dilation due to uterine inertia and lack of proper uterine tone. Hemorrhage, if it occurs, will likely be dark and continuous but not profuse, or it may be bright red gushes—contradictory symptoms that may be confusing in trying to decide on a remedy. The after pains will be lengthy with much bearing-down sensations.
This remedy is sometimes used in early stages of a miscarriage as a preventative. If that is not possible, it may aid in bringing completion that includes all tissues being passed. Ustilago is also used for bleeding fibroids. Two keynote symptoms are that the eyes feel hot when closed and the face pales suddenly.
This remedy has many symptoms in menstruation and should probably be used much more often than it is. Some of the symptoms include heavy bleeding, light periods with vicarious bleeding from the lungs or the rectum, bleeding between periods with characteristic pain in the left breast, suppressed menses with no obvious cause, and bearing down sensations during the bleeding part of the menstrual cycle.

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