Veratrum album

(White Hellebore)

This remedy is often used for head injuries, especially with violent pain driving the person to despair; profoundly affects the mind, nerves, abdominal area, heart, blood, blood vessels, respiration, vertex and digestive system; all effects of this remedy are violent and sudden; cold feeling in abdomen; thirst for cold water which is then vomited is a keynote; cold sweat on forehead; icy coldness of tip of nose and face; this is a polycrest remedy for influenza, especially if the illness has come on suddenly.

Veratrum album is a picture of collapse which includes extreme coldness, blueness and weakness. Other symptoms include extreme vomiting and diarrhea, cramping in the legs and feet, tip of nose very cold, cold sweat on forehead, heart palpitations, and large hard stools followed by diarrhea. All symptoms are worse for the slightest motion.

(Influenza) The major keynote of Veratrum is that all symptoms are sudden and violent. The symptoms are often accompanied by fainting and the face is pale, bluish, and cold with the tip of the nose being very cold and a cold sweat on the forehead. The person looks, from the very beginning of the illness, as though they are about to collapse and if the illness becomes more severe, a total collapse state with blueness will exist.

Respiratory ailments will include heart palpitations with audible respiration and a lot of mucous in bronchials and throat. In intestinal or stomach flu the vomiting is violent and profuse with diarrhea that often becomes violent purging. An unusual keynote is voracious appetite and thirst, even when ill, but eating and drinking, particularly cold things, causes immediate vomiting. The nausea and vomiting are worse with even the slightest movement. Also there are large hard stools followed by watery diarrhea, then more hard masses. With influenza, it is important that your response be quick, intense, thorough, and that you follow up all the way through the recovery and the convalescent stages. Many remedies have never the same since influenza in their symptom pictures, and you do not want the people you work with to have that story to tell. Remember Arsencium album for relapses of the same, or similar, virus or bacteria.

There are nosode remedies being made available of various strains of the flu. Remember, a nosode needs to be given concurrently with another remedy which matches the current symptom picture of the disease and that this picture may change as the course of the illness progresses. Of course, herbal remedies, essential oils, and excellent nutrition should also be employed.

While nosodes are important remedies, it should be remembered that the first rule of homeopathy is “the law of similars” not “the law of exacts”. The very best remedy, generally, is the remedy that matches the symptoms—the person when they are as well as they ever get combined with the symptoms of this ailment they are experiencing right now. The nosode will cover the “now” symptoms but will not touch the other half—the person they are. Nosodes, when used, require an intercurrent remedy and, many times, something else altogether may be a better choice.

(Anorexia) The keynote of this remedy is guilt. The anorexia of Veratrum is often driven by fasting, more and more frequently, to appease God and expiate guilt for imagined sin.

(ADHD and Learning and Behavioral Disorders) This remedy is a little different in that the very young child is often very well behaved. The pathology of this remedy in children begins with excessive, early mental development. The child is curious and almost adult like in ability to understand abstract concepts. This over-stimulation of the mental faculties eventually seems to lead to frustration which manifests as restlessness, disobedience and behavior problems. The doing of meaningless, repetitive tasks such as cutting paper into smaller and smaller bits is often seen. A keynote symptom of this remedy is a detachment when punished or reprimanded—the child shows no emotion or turns away. You will know what I mean by this if you have ever seen it. The child’s eye just get a vacant look and they look away from you. This is a very important signal that you may be dealing with something more than just a very intelligent child. Use of this remedy may prevent problems later on. In adults there is a manifestation of religious mania, the beginnings of which can be glimpsed in the child.

(Cholera) Violent and continuous vomiting with a cold feeling in the stomach keynote this remedy. There is general coldness with extreme cold feeling in the abdomen and profound prostration, blueness, and weakness. Cold perspiration on the forehead is another unusual symptom.

KEYNOTES: Leading remedy for hyperactive, disobedient children; sullen indifference; feels that misfortune is impending; exhausted states, usually, but not always, accompanying serious illness; extreme coldness (even the sweat is icy) is always a keynote symptom for this remedy; extreme evacuation (vomiting, diarrhea, saliva, sweat) is also present; fainting from emotions and from least exertion.

SANKARAN MENTALS: Having been suddenly forced out—created by a situation such as a job loss or divorce; fears losing social position as a result; literally desperate and thrown into a panic; his desperation and resultant behavior actually hastens and makes his exclusion worse.

MIASM: Acute

COMPARISONS: China officinalis, Camphora, Chocolate, Cuprum metallicum, Carbo vegetabilis. For disobedient children

COMPARE TO: Tarentula hispanica, Anacardium orientale, Stramonium

FIRST AID CONDITIONS: Collapse; dehydration; head injury; diarrhea; flu; shock sunstroke; convulsions

FIRST AID COMMENTS AND INDICATION: Collapse with extreme coldness, mild blueness of lips usually brought on by severe illness with diarrhea and dehydration or from sunstroke. Usually there is vomiting, cramping, vertigo, delirium and sleepiness.

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