Vespa crabro


The uses for Vespa crabro almost always include seeking relief from the pain and symptoms resulting from stings. The pains are stinging and burning, as if pierced by red hot needles. The stinging sensation pierces deeply.

SENSITIVITIES AND SKIN CONDITIONS: Boils; stinging and soreness that is relieved by bathing with vinegar; intense itching and burning; sweating of parts lain on with intense itching.

KIDNEYS: Burning pain with itching on urinating; incessant bed wetting; blood in the urine.

TEMPERATURE/FEVER: Feet continually cold except in summer when they burn like fire; very sensitive to hot weather.

PHYSICAL/GENERAL: Cutting shocks through joints; burning of a body part followed by swelling (just like a wasp sting); nerve and muscular excitement with trembling, quaking, and chattering of teeth; convulsion, loss of consciousness; burning conjunctivitis; swelling and liquid held in the membranes of the conjunctiva (white part of the eye); pulse rapid and feeble with violent beating of the carotids; heart’s action barely perceptible; swelling of throat, tonsillitis with cheesy secretions; itching over whole body; dizzy, better lying on the back.

REPRODUCTIVE: Left ovary frequently affected with burning pain accompanied by excessive urination; erosion of tissues around external os; menstruation preceded by pain, pressure, depression, and constipation; swelling of scrotum and penis.

MENTAL/EMOTIONAL: Terrible anxiety and restless, especially when there is burning pain or itching; sadness and low spirits.

MODALITIES: Applying cold helps at first but then aggravates symptoms; worse from motion, from sleeping, and from eating.

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