Viburnum prunifolium

(Black Haw)

(Pregnancy, Childbirth and Infant Care) Viburnum is primarily a remedy for threatened miscarriage, especially for women who have miscarried before or had an early baby who did not survive. Also useful in a labor and delivery situation that has suddenly become dangerous when there is a rupture of membranes (bag of waters) accompanied by a gush of bright red blood. Other alarming symptoms will include partial loss of speech or a low, indistinct voice, partial loss of consciousness, vertigo, and the throat and mouth are very dry
This is a remedy to be used at any time during a pregnancy at the onset of very painful, labor-like pains with terrible cramping of the legs. A second dose should be given if the pains and cramping continue, becoming so severe as to threaten the rupture of the membranes and to bring on a miscarriage. If rupture occurs there will be a keynote and frightening gush of bright red blood.
Immediate medical attention is required unless labor is far advanced and delivery can be accomplished immediately. If this is a miscarriage situation and bleeding remains heavy, medical attention may also be required.

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