Vipera berus

(German Viper)

Bites from the viper are excruciatingly painful but rarely fatal; the symptoms can resemble the symptoms of polio; great periodicity with Vipera—the symptoms may return annually for years; may experience an increase in reflexes along with the negative symptoms.

HEART: Hardening of the veins; pain in heart; faintness; pulse may be rapid, irregular, or slow and weak.

BLOOD/HEMORRHAGE: Greatly swollen veins; cerebral hemorrhage; inflammation of blood vessels; affected part (usually legs) feels as if it is about to burst; if untreated the veins become ulcerous and gangrenous; in females, bright red flow with large clots usually indicative of a fibroid tumor; continuous bleeding for many weeks after childbirth; nosebleeds; hemorrhages at menopause.

KIDNEYS: Blood in urine; urine bright yellow as in jaundice conditions; involuntary urination; sticking pain in the back and in the loins.

PHYSICAL/GENERAL: Painful, very swollen varicose veins; phlebitis (tender veins); impaired circulation; faintness, collapse; this remedy is associated with premature aging and with slow development in children; enlarged liver with violent pain; paralyses beginning in lower limbs then ascending; great chilliness; will do almost anything to avoid the cold; anorexia.

MENTAL: Dazed; unhappy, sad, depressed, especially during very warm weather; confusion; restlessness, nervousness; speech hesitant or incoherent; talks to himself; great rage progressing to delirium and vomiting which is then replaced by lethargy.

MODALITIES: Better from elevating the legs; worse from change of seasons; worse yearly.

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