Coconut Oil Solid

(Cocos nucifera)


CONSISTENCY: solid at room temperature, melts quickly, white to clear color

PART UTILIZED: Meat of the Coconut

APPLICATION: Can be used 100% by itself.

AROMATIC CONSIDERATIONS: RBD (Refined Bleached, Deordorized) Organic has no aroma, Virgin Organic has a slight coconut aroma.

GENERAL INFORMATION: Non-fractionated coconut oil is solid at normal room temperatures and white in color. When you put a small amount into the palm of your hand, the heat from your hand immediately melts it into a liquefied form, making it very easy to use as a carrier oil. It absorbs a little more slowly than the fractionated variety but leaves the skin feeling silky smooth.

Only a few of the benefits of coconut are mentioned here but some of the most outstanding benefits are: aids in digestion, helps maintain healthy bacterial cultures in the intestinal tract—including controlling candida overgrowth, helps maintain proper blood sugar levels, remarkable for pancreatitis and Alzheimer’s as well as liver and kidney disorders, and strengthens the immune system.


Butterfly Express sells both a refined bulk and a virgin organic. The difference is the bulk refined is extracted by an expeller pressed method while the virgin organic is cold pressed. The bulk refined is cheaper and has no aroma of coconut. This can be good if you are cooking with it and do not want the flavor of the coconut. The virgin refined has a slight coconut aroma as well as flavor and tends to be more expensive.

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