LN Oil

Liniment infused oil—contains the herbs comfrey, arnica, St.John’s wort, lobelia, calendula, angelica root, valerian root, ginger root, and cayenne. These herbs, infused in almond oil, create a carrier oil which is amazing for injuries, bruising, inflammation, and the general pain and soreness that accompany injuries. The addition of lobelia in this infusion helps to deliver the other healing herbs to the area of concern quickly and relieves pain. The arnica works on sore, tight muscles and helps to reduce swelling of injured areas. Arnicas is not usually recommended for use on open wounds but in the small percentage that exists here we have never had any problem over the course of many years. Comfrey is probably best known for its healing ability for bones and tissues, but it is also very helpful for chest congestion. Cayenne works on the blood and is very effective at improving overall circulation. With increased circulation comes better oxygenation and healing. Using LN oil as a carrier oil topically for injuries would be especially effective when coupling it with essential oils such as LePaine,LeDeeper, LePatches, LeTendaCare and LeWarmDown. LN is available from Butterfly Express, LLC as a carrier oil or it is available as an herb pack from which you can make your own.