Olive Oil

(Olea europaea)

EXTRACTION METHOD: cold pressed, unrefined, virgin

CONSISTENCY: heavy weight, green/yellow color, can go semi solid when cold


APPLICATION: Can be used 100% by itself.


GENERAL INFORMATION: Olive Oil has some outstanding properties when applied to the skin. One exceptional quality is that it attracts external moisture to the skin while still permitting the skin to release toxins through sweat. Olive Oil is soothing to inflamed skin, encourages the shedding of dead skin cells, and releases sebum from the skin. The drawback to Olive Oil is that it is quite heavy and absorbs less readily into the skin. When used as a carrier oil, several minutes must be allowed to pass before clothing can be placed back on the body. Olive Oil is also more difficult to remove from clothing and bedding than some of the lighter carrier oils.

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