Palm Oil MCT (Fractionated)

Fractionated Palm Oil is very similar to fractionated Coconut oil. Both of these oils are inexpensive, absorb quickly, have almost no aroma at all and have a very long shelf life at room temperature without rancidity. These carrier oils do not go rancid, even in the summer months! Other advantages of fractionated Palm and Coconut oils include: odorless and colorless; absorb readily into the skin, leaving no residue; do not stain clothing and easily wash out of clothing and bedding; although absorbing very quickly, liquid coconut oil and palm oil are excellent skin moisturizers; rarely aggravate existing skin problems such as fungal or bacterial infections; do not clog pores. Palm Oil is even less expensive than fractionated Coconut Oil, and for topical use Palm Oil is a great choice. If you are using one of these oils internally for the MCTs, Coconut Oil is said to be slightly healthier.