Complete Chakra

Complete Energy. We often think of the chakras as separate wheels of energy, each with its own physical and emotional traits, strengths, and weaknesses. The energy of the seven central chakras (and the spleen chakra) form a vertical column of energy through which the energies of the chakras interact with each other, strengthening and supporting one another. This vertical column is called Sushumna. Because the chakras spin in opposing directions, they form two crisscrossing channels called Ida and Pingala. Ida is said to be the source of yin energies and Pingala the source of yang energy. The Complete Energy remedy strengthens the central column and these two crisscrossing channels, thus strengthening both Yin and Yang. The energies of these three channels meet at the Brow (Third Eye) Chakra. The balance between Ida and Pingala and strength in the central vertical column creates a strong and balanced system overall. This remedy works with these three aspects of the energy body.

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Complete Chakra

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