Root Chakra (or Base)


The energies of the Root Chakra spin over the lower pelvis (anus), perineum (but not the major reproductive organs), hips, legs, and feet. This chakra pushes its energy both upward and downward, providing essential life energy and a column of support for all that lies above. It is believed that it is in and through this chakra that inherited, generational tendencies are passed from one generation to the next. The fundamental energies include stability, physical and emotional security, support, a solid foundation, and being well-grounded. Issues here, both positive and negative, revolve around the essentials needed for basic survival, well-being, and happiness. The emotional issues of this chakra revolve around the essentials needed for survival and happiness. When we are out of balance here we see ourselves as having no control over our own lives. Balance in this chakra allows us to nourish and look after ourselves and others appropriately. We feel no need to be either dependent or domineering in our relationships. There is great peace in our lives.

OUT OF BALANCE: We see ourselves as having no control over our own lives (victims) and we portray someone else as responsible for our problems. Life seems very unfair. There is almost always a deep lack of self-worth. The underlying emotion may be that the negative stuff that life is giving us is all that we deserve anyway. This type of despair, blame and guilt make recovery from tragedy or loss very difficult. There is a tendency to be either too cautious and fearful or to act with thoughtlessness and to exhibit compulsive behaviors. Health conditions of this chakra include, among other things, bladder and prostate problems, endometriosis, fibroids and cysts, pelvic floor muscle tone, lower lymphatic drainage, injuries to the lower spine, and some types of sciatica.

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Root Chakra

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