The following is a small amount of information on each of the INGREDIENTS of this combination.

KALI MURIATIUM (potassium chloride) This cell salt enhances the integrity of the cells in the epidermis. The symptom picture includes eruptions containing thick, white, or cream-colored pus on the forehead, face, lips, and chin. This type of acne often indicates improper digestion of rich or fatty foods and sluggish action of the liver. Restless, anxious sleep, discontent, irritability, and anger are some of the emotional symptoms (Sounds like a teenager or a person suffering from hormonal imbalances to me!).

SILICA TERRA (pure flint) This is the #1 remedy for expelling foreign objects and infections from the body. The remedy picture includes unhealthy skin and constant suppuration. The mental/emotional symptoms include loss of self-confidence, performance anxiety, and complaints brought on by the anticipation of failure. The person is usually prone to procrastinate.

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