Addictions #1

This may be helpful in overcoming addictive cravings, especially the ones that are accompanied by mood swings and erratic physical responses.


The following is a small amount of information on each of the INGREDIENTS of this combination.

AGRIMONY (flower essence) Agrimony personalities exhibit outward confidence and good cheer, but this is only a mask covering deep anguish of the soul. There is often a strong attraction to drugs or other addictive substances as a means of keeping the mask in place and the pain at a distance. This remedy is meant to aid in finding true inner peace by transforming pain into growth and coming to an understanding of one’s own feelings.

CALIFORNIA POPPY (flower essence) The pattern of imbalance for this remedy includes searching outside of oneself for false forms of enlightenment and peace, often through addictive substances. This remedy can aid a person in the development of a solid spiritual life and great inner strength.

MORNING GLORY (flower essence) This remedy is important for overcoming addictive habits and coping with the “hungover” feelings that substance abuse creates. This remedy is especially helpful in overcoming erratic sleeping and eating habits and in strengthening the nerves and the immune response.

RED POPPY (flower essence) Red Poppy is for the development and strengthening of inner spiritual guidance and good sense.

SELF-HEAL (flower essence) Self-heal brings a sense of responsibility for one’s own healing and a lessening of the need for external people and things to find happiness and fulfillment. This remedy can help a person achieve faith in the possibility, even probability, of complete wellness and wholeness.

WALNUT (flower essence) Brings the courage to follow one’s own path, utilizing the best aspects and lessons of family/community values and past experiences. This remedy is important for times of transition such as leaving behind addictive behaviors.

MOUNTAIN IRIS (flower essence) The focus of this remedy is to find balance and harmony in the midst of the struggles and battles of our daily lives.

SCUTELLARIA LATERIFOLIA (skullcap) Skullcap, in any form, is always a nervine. In this homeopathic blend, it is meant to help quiet the mind when it is full of nervous fear or restlessness. This remedy is excellent for promoting sleep and helping focus the mind on the task at hand.

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