Addictions #2



The following is a small amount of information on each of the INGREDIENTS of this combination.

GENTIANA AMARELLA (gentian) For those who—for the moment, at least—lack inner stamina, willpower, and faith. Lack of physical stamina may also be present. This gentle combination is meant to accelerate healing in persons who are full of doubts and discouragement about the process of cure or their ability to ever completely heal and move on. Gentian is especially useful for those who magnify setbacks into a profound sense of discouragement that causes them to give up.

GUACO MIKANIA (climbing weed) Guaco has an affinity for the nervous system, particularly the spine and lower limbs, although it has been used historically for mental incapacities and circulation problems to the head, especially in heavy drinkers.

KALI HYPOPHOSPHORICUM (hypophosphate of potassium) Great fatigue and debility with atrophy of muscular tissues. Used historically for the effects of excessive tea drinking. May prove useful for the effects of overuse of other alkaloids and for toxic chemical poisonings.

CROCUS SATIVUS (saffron) Picture includes rapid changing of mental conditions—anger and violence followed by sorrow and repentance, laughter quickly followed by tears and despondency, etc. This remedy is helpful with fainting spells and the after-effects of surgery and surgical anesthesia.

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