Addictions #3

Helps with emotionally driven eating and food cravings.


The following is a small amount of information on each of the INGREDIENTS of this combination.

IODUM PURUM (Iodine) Provings for Iodum indicate appetite disorders that bring about malnutrition, emaciation, and physical debility. The flip side of these behaviors is ravenous hunger with great thirst. Naturally, with Iodum, there are thyroid disorders including goiter. Emotional symptoms include impulsive behavior, physical ill effects of nervous shock, anxiety when quiet or things are quiet around them, and general depression. There is often great restlessness. Pancreatic disease is also listed.

LYCOPODIUM CLAVATUM (club moss) Lycopodium is a great polycrest with a large list of symptoms available for study. The symptoms most likely to apply to addictions are probably emotional ones such as dyslexia, loss of self-confidence, fear of public speaking, melancholy, and panic attacks. Other symptoms include acidity, colitis, allergies, gallstones, indigestion, malnutrition due to weakness of digestion. The person usually has many food allergies, reacts poorly to sugar (sweets of any kind, really) and bread. A Lycopodium personality will have had colic as a baby and be prone to hypoglycemia as an adult.

PHOSPHORUS (the element) With Phosphorus, there is always great sensitivity to the struggles of other people. The Phosphorus personality is excitable, impressionable, prone to great anxiety and a constant fear that something is about to go wrong. There may an oppressive feeling in the chest as if there were a great weight laid on it. A particular keynote is a craving for ice-cold drinks. The joints suddenly give way and gastritis with heartburn is a common symptom.

SEROTONIN (the element) (a brain neurotransmitter) Insufficient amounts of serotonin create a massive list of problems. Among them are compulsive disorders, bulimia, insomnia, restlessness, learning disorders, anxiety, and other mood disorders, nervous tension, twitching, heart palpitations, and water retention. Excess serotonin creates a form of depression that has been linked, quite thoroughly, to irritable bowel syndrome and several diseases that doctors have previously considered to be psychosomatic in origin.

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