Adrenal Support


The following is a small amount of information on each of the INGREDIENTS of this combination.

SEPIA SUCCUS (cuttlefish ink) Sepia has been placed in this remedy because of its action on hormones. It is a common (polycrest) remedy for women. In fact, Sepia is the #3 polycrest remedy for women (and is among the top 10 remedies for men). The most important keynotes of Sepia are laxness of tissues, prolapse of organs, feeling as if everything is falling out the bottom, and being overwhelmed by the responsibilities of family.

IGNATIA AMARA (St. Ignatius bean) Ignatia is a hormone balancing remedy, known for its specific action against mood swings, PMS, and ailments brought on by grief. Grief and loss are always a part of this remedy and are the trigger for a great many of the physical ailments being displayed by the person.

CALCAREA CARBONICA (calcium carbonate) Overworked and exhausted are the most obvious symptoms here. There will be hormonal and menstrual problems, as well as kidney/bladder irritations GUNPOWDER (black gunpowder) This remedy is specific to glandular system disorders and compromised immune systems with constant infections, septicemia, and hormonal imbalances.

EUPHORBIA PILULIFERA (pill-bearing spurge) Euphorbia has a dramatic action on the heart and is indicated for “pale, delicate and sensitive women” (Murphy).

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