Allergies #1

ALLERGIES #1 7X (BACLLERG1X7) Allergy Relief

GRINDELIA ROBUSTA (rosin-wood) The symptoms here are a full range of allergic responses such as lung disorders, respiratory distress, asthma, rashes, and itching eyes.

URTICA URENS (stinging nettle) This polycrest remedy has a wide range of severe allergic reactions in its symptom picture and is especially suited for use with bee stings and for the ill effects of eating shellfish. Unusual and noteworthy symptoms include chronic gout, joint pain, hives, itchy blisters on fingers and hands, and burning pain in the throat.

HYDROPHYLLUM VIRGINICUM (Virginia waterleaf) Hydrophyllum’s range of action includes symptoms relating to the eyes. Among them will be swollen eyelids, eye inflammation, itching, and sensitivity to light.